Polycrystal generation and meshing

Neper is a software package for polycrystal generation and meshing. It can deal with 1D, 2D and 3D polycrystals with very large numbers of grains.

Polycrystals are represented by various flavours of Voronoi tessellations. 2-scale polycrystals can also be represented. The tessellations can be regularized to remove the small features which are not desirable for meshing. Output tessellations can be written at scalar or raster formats. Morphology statistics are also available.

Meshing is achieved using a collection of meshing algorithms which ensures both quality and robustness. Mesh size can be uniform or defined on a per-grain basis. Remeshing is available for large-strain simulations.

Visualization capabilities enable to plot the tessellations and meshes with publication-quality rendering.

Neper aims to be an easy-to-use, robust and efficient tool. All the input data are prescribed non-interactively, using command lines and / or ASCII files. Neper can be compiled and run on any Unix-like system.